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All about D and C water

Welcome to D and C water, this web site is about water purification and clean drinking and bathing water. Owner Dan crall has been in the water business for over 8 years, his love and passion for water has allowed him to be considered one of the best installers in the business. He has also teamed up with Charles who has also taken great notice to the ever important necessity of clean and healthy drinking water.

Dan lives in land o lakes florida and services the surrounding areas, he has installed hundreds of systems and has serviced even many more. His fair pricing and giving the best quality as well as the best service has taken the hassel out of buying a system. On this site we will not only edcuate you about our systems but we will share some great stories from some satisfied customers as well as give you tips when looking to buy a system.

We also provide systems from as small as an reverse osmosis for your apartment or as large as a restaurant. The benefits of having a reverse osmosis system is seen and felt from your skin to your hair and the clothes you wash, we take the hard water and make it soft water, while taking out the many harmful chemicals and agents found in our water today.


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