How we work

A big rule we follow

#1 Rule….. No quote over the phone and we have not tested the water, be aware no company should give you a quote without testing your water to see whats in it. There could be iron and lead and mercury and the list goes on. No one system works for everything, we must design a system based of the readings that we gte, if you do have a company that will give you a quote be cautious.

At home water test

We will come to your home and do a water test, we will do about three different test, two or three may be done in front of you if you have the time, the last one we take back and get lab tested, if you have well water it should be tested at the state lab.

We then come back to your home and talk over your options, if you agree it will take us a few days to get the equipment ready and ordered, once ready we will set a day and time to come to your home, you may be home or if you have to work or busy we can still set the system up and have it done by the time you get home.

We pride ourselves on our installs, as we get the system dug down nice and low so that its not an eye sore, we run all the backwash hoses and make sure its flushing and time are all set and ready for you to have a nice soft water bath in a few hours after the water is out of your hot water heater and system is flushed .


The system has a one year bumper to bumper warranty.


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